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New Owners Josh & Erralyn

The founders, Petros and Helen Mihilatoes, opened Beefeater’s 35 years ago in June of 1986 and have dedicated their culinary career to serving quality without compromise. At the heart of the restaurant is the menu which delivers Mediterranean sensibilities and caters to the locale palate.   


My name is Josh Joseph and my wife is Erralyn Joseph, and together we have Joshua Joseph Jr. and a daughter on the way.  I am from Squamish Nation and Erralyn is from Snuneymuxw First Nation.   We are the new owners!  Despite us taking ownership in June 2021, we sincerely thank the founders for their relentless and tireless passion to build Beefeater’s which has nestled itself within the hearts of our  loyal clientele, created fond memories for special family occasions, and is a true staple of the city.  My wife and I intend to honour this legacy by carrying it forward and maintaining a high standard for culinary excellence.  

I would like to take a moment to share a little bit about the Joseph’s with you and what the future holds! Our vision embodies the values of balance, equality, teamwork and awareness while bringing fresh energy to Beefeater’s and new ideas that are infused with the multicultural history of Nanaimo.  In our view, food always tells a story about people, places, community and values.  It’s nourishment feeds the soul of families and binds connections between people and places.  This nourishment often is the source of growth, innovation and hope within a community.  And it nurtures the exchange of views between cultures and ways of living.  We are committed to exuding all of this, including the ambience of the spectacular coastal waters and natural mountainscape rich with Snuneymuxw landscape that surrounds the restaurant, within the Beefeater’s food and beverage services.   

While we intend to keep the menu the same including delivering 3-course fine dining, you will notice a feature dish that showcases First Nations culinary arts.  Combining this cultural experience with the Canadian-style cuisine, undoubtedly offers our customers a unique multicultural culinary experience and reflects the roots of the City of Nanaimo.  We are dedicated to delivering quality without compromise and leaving customers with meaningful and everlasting experiences. 


My wife and I also acknowledge our front and back of house family.  We sincerely thank all of our staff for sticking with us, believing in our future ahead, and sustaining exquisite customer service. 

Helping us in the kitchen is our new head chef, Rory Bennet. His sharp eye for perfection with food preparation and undeniable talent with culinary arts ensures the kitchen is in great hands and our future is within reach!  

We also acknowledge our loyal clientele who visit us often including our dedicated coffee club!  It is our honour to continue your patronage and get to know one another and support one another.  


If you are in town for a visit or have not experienced Beefeater’s yet, planning a special occasion,  or simply returning for another luxuriously delicious meal, you are all welcome!  

Josh & Erralyn


Helen & Petros 

For more than three decades, previous owners Helen & Petros dedicated themselves to bringing "quality without compromise" to their Nanaimo community with their Mediterranean inspired dishes. 


Beefeater’s opened its doors in 1986, with several partners in tow, and slowly Helen and Petros bought them out until they were the sole proprietors. At the heart and soul of this fine establishment is the menu which has been developed over 5 decades of restaurant life.


At the front of house was Helen's domain. After raising children and sending them off to university, she became a constant fixture known to her regulars for her kindness and ready smile. She was the one responsible for making sure her customers received the best service possible and enjoyed their time, pairing beautifully with Petros Greek sense of humour!

The Beefeater's team will truly miss their presence, but we wish them all the best in retirement! Come visit us when you're back in the area.

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