Hello and welcome! I’m guessing if you’re here, you want to know a little bit about Beefeater’s Chophouse and Grill! Well, then let me enlighten you. First off, I want to assure you that I’m an authority on the history of Beefeater’s; I was practically raised there. You guessed it, my parents are the owners, Helen and Petros. If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting them, you’ll know that they have dedicated themselves to providing “quality without compromise” to their Nanaimo community for over 3 decades. 


Beefeater’s was opened in 1986, with several partners in tow but Helen and Petros slowly bought them out until they were the sole proprietors. At the heart and soul of this fine establishment is the menu; developed over 5 decades of restaurant life, Petros has created a testament to his Mediterranean sensibilities while catering to the local palate of Nanaimoans (Nanaimoites?). Helping him in the kitchen is Terry McMillan who has been an invaluable member of the Beefeater’s team since 2004.


Now the front of house, is Helen’s domain. After raising her children and sending them off to University, she became a constant fixture known to her regulars for her kindness and ready smile. She is the one responsible for making sure that her customers receive the best service possible and enjoy their time (and also that they don’t take too much offence to Petros’ Greek sense of humour!). 


So welcome, we hope to see you soon. We can’t wait to delight your tastebuds!